TLC Bison F.A.Q.'s

What makes our Bison special?

Our Bison are raised hormone-free, steroid-free and drug-free.  We feed our animals grass, grain and natural mineral supplements.

What is unique about Bison Meat?

Bison is a "Heart Smart" meat which means it is low in fat, calories and cholesterol.  Bison is a healthier, more nutritious alternative, with a higher level of zinc and iron than other red meat products.

All of our Bison products are provincially slaughtered, inspected and processed.

How do I order Bison meat from TLC Bison?

When ordering Bison you can order a Full Bison or a Half Bison by clicking on the Full/Half Orders tab.

Or you may order Individual Bison Meat Products such as burgers, smokies, sausage, pepperoni, jerky, steaks and roasts by clicking on the Meat Product Order Form tab above.

Click here for a Bison Meat Chart to help you decide what to order.


Can you do special ordering for fundraisers, sporting events, birthdays, company activities or special occasions with TLC Bison Meat Products?

Absolutely!  We can order anything you need for any special event.  BBQ’s go great with Bison Burgers giving your event that special touch!

Groups and clubs can also sell Bison jerky, sausage, pepperoni, etc. for their fundraising events.

Call (780) 919-9760 or email to get more information on wholesale pricing.